Online Reputation

Manage your reviews on different OTAs with AI/Chat GPT and competitor comparison

Increase your hotel's positive ratings and build customer loyalty.

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Real-time monitoring

Keep constant track of the opinions and reviews that are published about your hotel on different online platforms, allowing you to respond in a timely manner and manage any situation.

Increase in positive ratings

Identify areas where you can improve based on guest feedback and take steps to provide an even more satisfying experience. As you get more positive ratings, your reputation and positioning will improve.

Informed competition

Analyze the reviews of your direct competitors and use that information to stand out. Identify their strengths and weaknesses to adjust your strategy and offer unique services and experiences that set you apart.

Customer loyalty

By responding proactively and in a personalized way to your guests' opinions, you generate a bond of trust and demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction. This will foster customer loyalty and increase the likelihood that they will return and recommend your hotel.

Review management with AI/Chat GPT

Respond directly to reviews from the platform with 1 click thanks to AI/Chat GPT, saving management time and demonstrating your attention and commitment.

Reports and alerts

Receive regular reports and instant alerts on any significant changes in your hotel's online reputation, allowing you to take immediate action and maintain constant control.

Exhaustive monitoring

Gathering reviews and opinions from multiple online platforms in one place, making it easy to track and respond quickly.

Detailed analysis

Get accurate and valuable information about your guests' trends and overall sentiment towards your hotel, allowing you to make informed and strategic decisions.

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