myHotel & Cloudbeds Integration

If you have Cloudbeds as your PMS, follow these steps to integrate to myHotel or to do modifications to an active integration.

How to connect Cloudbeds with myHotel for the first time?

1. Enter to the following link and enter your myHotel credentials

2. Select Cloudbeds at “Integración” and click the “LOGIN” button

3. On the next page, select the hotel to integrate

4. Click the “Connect to Cloudbeds” button

6. You will be redirected to Cloudbeds login page, where you must enter your Cloudbeds credentials

7. Now, you must click the “Aprove” button so that myHotel can read information about your hotel, bookings and guests

integracion myhotel cloudbeds

8. It’s ready! When you have finished this point, please send an email to so that our team can finish the integration.

What is the full functionality of the integration?

The main functionality of integrating your PMS Cloudbeds with myHotel, is the reading of guest data and bookings in order to send satisfaction surveys to the guests, evaluating the experience during and after their stay.

The data read are:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Check In date
  • Check Out date
  • Reservation status
  • Room number
  • Phone
  •  Country of origin code
  • Age

How to disconnect myHotel from Cloudbeds?

Enter to this link to see how to disconnect myHotel from your PMS.

If you have any problem, send an email to