Turn dissatisfied guests into positive influencers of your hotel during their stay.

Measure the quality of your service at each touch point: reception, restaurant, rooms, etc.

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Get to know your guests

Gain deep insight into your guests preferences and needs to personalize their experience and build loyalty.

Identify improvement opportunities

Identify areas of opportunity in your services, facilities, and customer service to provide an exceptional experience and exceed your guests expectations.

Evaluate satisfaction in real time

Get instant feedback to immediately resolve any problems or issues, demonstrating your commitment to quality and service.

Increase brand ratings

By providing a memorable experience, your guests will become your best advocates, recommending your hotel to their friends, family, and on social media.

Perzonalized design

Create attractive surveys that fit your hotels image, including your logo, colors, and relevant questions to get the information you need

Easy automation

Schedule and send surveys automatically to your guests at the end of their stay, no need to spend extra time manually managing them

Real-time analysis

Access up-to-date guest satisfaction data through intuitive graphs and statistics, allowing you to make informed decisions

Detailed reports

Get detailed reports that help you identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth, making it easier to make strategic decisions

+1500 hotels use myHotel in Latin America and worldwide

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Schedule a meeting with your account manager to find out how OnSite can help your hotel!


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It speeds up the check-in process and opens a direct communication channel with the guest.

Sell additional services before arrival and increase your revenue all year round.

Measure your guests’ level of satisfaction (NPS) and compare your hotel’s performance with the industry.

Manage your reviews and compare your propertys reputation with that of your competitors in the major online travel agencies (OTAs).