10 tips to help you increase bookings and improve guest satisfaction

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Every hotel owner dreams of increasing occupancy and satisfying their clients. However, to do so you must know your ideal guest inside and out,

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Every hotel owner dreams of increasing occupancy and satisfying their clients. However, to do so you must know your ideal guest inside and out, invest in the right technology, and monitor their needs so they experience unforgettable moments at your hotel. Only then will they become a loyal, frequent customer.

Here are ten tips to help you get more reservations and deliver the best possible experience to your guests.  


1. Improve your interface

Most people are constantly connected to the Internet. Make sure to invest in great web design so your users can book online quickly and securely. It should be simple and intuitive to navigate, and the information should be well-structured so your customers can find exactly what they need.

Over 63% of website visits happen on mobile devices, so make sure your site is responsive.

You should also make it easy for your guest to find your website, so you should also optimize the site for SEO so it appears on search engines like Google.  


2. Make your pricing available

Users tend to leave a hotel’s webpage because they believe they will find a lower price elsewhere. It is essential to make sure the prices on your website are available. With tools like Fidelity Online, you can compare your pricing with your competitors in real time.


3. Reward guests that book directly through your site

When guests book directly, show them some love; even a small act of gratitude can create a long lasting relationship. For example, The Strand Palace, one of the most iconic hotels in London, offers customers a bottle of Prosecco if they book directly rather than going through an online travel agency (OTA).

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4. Get more feedback

To improve your level of guests satisfaction and services, you must be able to get first hand knowledge about the common issues that arise during reservations, and find out how clients feel about your services. You can follow-up with your customer’s experience through a platform like Fidelity FollowUp, which measures your guest’s satisfaction, and gather their feedback so you can make better decisions.


5. Create loyalty programs

One of the best ways to retain customers is to create a rewards points system that can be used for extra nights, spa options, restaurant meals, or for flight discounts. Don’t be scared to innovate to build more customer loyalty; the most important thing for your business is to have committed, faithful guests that will return again and again.


6. Increase your presence on OTAs

Although direct bookings are essential, it is also important to make sure your hotel is visible on the most popular OTAs, or at least on those that fit your brand. TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Expedia are just a few of the best-known options.


7. Make direct contact

On average, most people visit 38 websites and spend 45 days making travel arrangements. If someone contacts you through your website, it is very important to respond immediately so you can secure the reservation. You can get applications that alert you automatically or create a chat box so people can get responses quickly to help you stand out from the competition.


8. “On the house”

It can be as simple as a bottle of champagne, a box of candy, or flowers in each room. When you are trying to please your guests, just a small gesture can drastically improve their experience.


9. Free wifi

This point is particularly important if your guests stay for more than one night. If you can assure the wifi reaches the rooms, rather than just common spaces, you are already adding value.


10. Reinvest in your guests

This point sums up all the others. If you want to improve your guest experience, it is crucial that you continue to improve the quality of your service, and you will only be able to do so if you invest time and money in your guests.

You must pay attention to their needs and desires so that they recommend your hotel to others and so you can improve your hotel’s reputation.

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Constanza Quiero

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