Why is online reputation management so important for your hotel?

gestión reputación online
An excellent Online Reputation Management plan is mandatory for any hotel in today's digital media, since it will make people trust your brand more every day.

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The internet has forever changed the way consumers relate themselves to the tourism industry. The best example of this is the increasing importance of hotel reviews made by satisfied clients. However, supervising all this user-generated content could be difficult. Hence an Online Reputation Management plan is very important. How can you do it in time, without spending lots of money?

Why is this kind of content is so important for hotel chains, hostels and small hotels?

Regardless of the size of your hotel, reviews are the key factor to building a great online reputation. According to recent research from Trip Advisor-Ipsos MORI, 97% of the users say that the audience’s approval is very important to them.

On the other hand, 98% of the surveyed stated that online reviews are essential to their business, while 92% of those believe that having a great presence on Social Media will benefit their marketing efforts.

Another survey run by Statistic Brain found that 49% of  customers won’t make a reservation in a hotel that has zero reviews. So, this kind of content will separate you from the rest, as long as you know how to manage it, which also includes dealing with bad reviews.

Why you should pay attention to this factor right away

Online reviews are great for your business for several reasons:

They require zero effort from you: As this kind of content is produced by your clients, you won’t invest time or other resources writing reviews or opinions online. Theoretically speaking, you could get thousands of reviews every month, according to the size of your business, season of the year and the influx of customers.

They are great for your SEO efforts: Reviews are extremely valuable content and search engines love them. Each client’s opinion is full of data, keywords and information related to your brand, which is very important to strengthen your business presence on digital media.

They give you a unique opportunity to improve your strategy: Every review will teach you something very specific about your hotel. For example, you might be promoting your business as “Bed and Breakfast”. However, after reading hundreds of opinions of satisfied customers, you will realize it is time to change your marketing plan, as your brand already qualifies as a “Business Hotel”, which will allow you to reach a larger audience.

Dealing with unfavorable reviews: another chance to build an excellent reputation

Unfortunately, there will be some negative opinions that could be related to any aspect of your business. Let’s say, offhand manners from your employees, a lack of hot water or an inefficient cable system, are just some of the reasons why any of your clients might write an unpleasant review. Whenever this happens, you need to deal with it with a beyond-professional attitude:

Respond to the client in the dialog box:  Don’t try to justify any mistake imputable to your brand, just offer a sincere apology, promising to fix any inaccuracy as soon as possible.

Offer them something valuable: It could be a coupon discount, or any other kind of promotion ready to redeem during their next stay.

Why myHotel is your best choice to develop an Online Reputation Management plan

Through its Fidelity Online platform, myHotel can help you build a strong presence online, thanks to its unique features:

You will be able to aggregate all your online feedback in a single place: This includes media like HotelsTrip AdvisorBookingExpedia and so on.

Manage all your reviews responses: There’s no need to wander around the internet to give an appropriate response to each one of your clients, as you can do it in a single dashboard.

Receive real-time alerts: You will be notified every time there are new reviews available, so you can manage each one of them.

Compare with your direct competitors: You can compare your online reputation, number of reviews and room value.

It is the best choice available to build a solid online presence: Through this process, you will get better feedback every time, while building the best reputation on the internet for your hotel.

Every hotel CEO should rely on an Online Reputation Management program to meet the goals previously set. That is why myHotel and its Fidelity Online platform are here to help you, as you will aggregate every other media in a single dashboard. So feel free to request a demo and we will keep in touch as soon as possible.

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Javier Moreno

Javier Moreno

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